something to appreciate


Something to appreciate
What’s the quickest way out of a negative attitude? Have something ready
and waiting that you can immediately and genuinely appreciate.

How do you find the hidden value in any situation? Look for something to
truly appreciate.

When you seek to find things to appreciate, what you’ll discover are
hidden treasures upon which you can build great value. Look for what you
can appreciate, and you’ll find positive, powerful tools that will pull
you forward.

Get in the habit of starting each day by thinking of something for which
you can be thankful. Then, whenever you catch yourself falling into a
negative thought pattern, you’ll already have something positive toward
which you can redirect your thoughts.

Each time you meet a new person, make it a point to find something, at
the very outset of the relationship, that you can sincerely appreciate.
Every time you find yourself in a new place or situation, look first for
what you can appreciate about it.

Find something to appreciate, and your effectiveness will increase
dramatically. Find something to appreciate, and you’ll uncover real

Alhamdulillah, I’m trully blessed… thank you GOD…

thanks also to wilver for the inspire words…


About izhayusmal

My name is izha yusmal, family used to call me izha. Born at jakarta, may 9th 1973. Graduated in 1997 from Trisakti University (jakarta), continuing Magister of Management Labora University. I love to socializing and gather with positive-minded persons, thats why i became "the provocator" in a business community called "Tangan Diatas-Semarang" in 2008. In this blog, i want to inspire as many people as i could and encourage them to find their own positive energy...

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